Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent Day 18 (But really only day 4)

Only a week until Christmas! December is zooming past at the speed of light.

I've been occupied knitting my sister's present, a Saroyan (see this post for more details). Since posting those pictures I ripped it out and started again, so the the ends would be more tapered.

This is what the first one looked like: 

This is what the end looks like now (notice how the first leaf now has a stem):

I have done nine repeats of twenty-two, so still have a way to go, but it should definitely be done by Christmas Eve. The garter stitch edging likes to fold over to the back, I think because stockingette naturally curls. It is so soft! I love to hold it against my neck - if I could purr while doing this, I would.

You can see that my tension is a bit wonky in places... but hopefully after a wash it will be looking better. The picture below is of where the increase section finishes and the straight section starts.

So, Christmas knitting is under control at my house... how is it going at your place?


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