Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me and Mr M

I find it strange that I can be motivatived to do things that are unimportant and of no lasting value (such as eating a whole jar of nutella), but when it comes to writing an essay by a certain due date for a subject I need to pass so I can get the qualification I need in order to actually earn money, motivation quietly slinks away to go hide in the corner.

Thanks for that, Mr Motivation.

(In the past, my husband has tried some wacky things to try to motivate me. Filming himself in the mirror and playing the video as punishment for lack of productivity was one of the most extreme. Despite the genius behind the idea, it failed miserably.)

I have eaten all the nutella in a fantastic procrastinating effort, instead of doling it out every 200 words as a reward.

Knitting Night, which usually works without fail, has failed. (I know - what is wrong with me?)

Even the husband, whose extreme grumpiness determination for me to do well has not managed to scare motivate me to churn out the words I need.

Despite the extreme uncooperativeness of Mr Motivation ("I refuse to leave my corner!") I am determined to get it done before I go to bed tonight. Only 600 words to go!

I'll show you, Mr M.

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