Monday, June 7, 2010

I Dream of Rainbow Umbrellas

Sometimes I have strange dreams. (I'm sure most of you will be able to relate.) 

I thought I would share this one with you. I've decided to write it using a 'stream of consciousness' style, but with lots of '...'s to represent the fluid nature of dreaming, so I hope it makes sense! I will add information in brackets if I think something might be too confusing. Some of you who know me in real life will probaby recognise things in it that are just oh-so-me :)

I Dream of Rainbow Umbrellas (and Hover Cars)

The man is saying we can all have a kite - all different colours to choose from! I want the rainbow one. They are in that building? I have been here before, in another dream... you have to climb to the top of a tall bookshelf and jump over that huge gap to get to the second floor... the gap is too wide... if it is too hard for me, how will mum ever get across? Oh, I forgot! There are stairs! They are a bit difficult - why did they use boxes?

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Upstairs at last... I did NOT know that my husband rents a room up here! Why did he arrange the furniture like that... the bed is totally not good there... I wonder what is in the room next door? Wow - it's huge! Is it a student common-room? It might be a conference room. Peaches! This one looks tasty... oh dear, it is a bit past its use by date.

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Is it appropriate for me to rearrange his room? Oh, I forgot! We are married! I am not going to ruin my reputation after all... Actually this room would be great for studying - like a home in the library... awesome... I can only study at home... I have to tell my husband not to stop renting this room. 

Rainbow kite! I need one... here is where they are... were... they are all gone! I need one... some people have two. I will get wet when it rains without a rainbow umbrella (the kite has morphed into an umbrella). I guess I should start walking home. WHAT!!!! My husband just drove straight past me! I have a feeling something is wrong...

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Where are my trousers?! At least my black t-shirt is a long one... it looks like one of those super short and tight black dresses... I need a hover car. Oh no, there is the woman who failed me on my teaching practical experience last year... why is she here? She has a hover car. I will just duck in here and hide until she is gone... oooh! A shooting game! OOOH! A buffet! Forget the shooting game, I would rather eat some of this food. I think something might have been poisened... oh well... it looks good. My husband and brothers are playing the shooting game. They like computer games. I always get squashed by the other players...


So, that was my dream! The shooting/buffet section was actually a lot more extensive than what I portrayed here but it is sort of fuzzy which makes it difficult to write about. 

The crazy thing? During the day following this eventful dream, I saw two rainbow umbrellas... I really think I need one.