Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ten Things

Well, I tried to use my blog as a motivational tool, but it hasn't really worked. And yes, I am a bit behind on the thesis front of things... Which brings me to today's topic: Ten Things I Am Grateful For! I've seen many other people list ten things they are grateful for, some occasionally, some on a regular basis. So... what am I grateful for today?

1. My husband, who buys me chocolate whenever I need it "if it will help me study better." And because he loves me. He has also been doing a lot more of the cooking lately, which has been great!

2. My new hot water bottle (even though it's heading into summer lol!) and it's oh-so-cute cover! (Noooooo. Not homemade. Store bought. Sorry. Though I could knit one myself: I have a pattern that just uses garter stitch and embroidery)
3. My diningroom table: a beautiful old, extending table, with THE MOST COMFY dining chairs in the world. I kid you not. I can sit in them ALL day and still not have a sore back (or backside) when I finally get up. Great for studying! Speaking of studying...

4. My thesis supervisor, who has great faith in my ability to write quickly yet well. He has been really encouraging! Hopefully he won't be disappointed!! Also speaking of studying...

5. My new fitball!!! It is totally awesome because it is pink!!! I bought it for studying, as they are great to sit on. Not only are they great for balance, but also for your posture. Having said that, I am sitting on it now, and am slouching over because I have my knees tucked up strangely. I can sit on it crosslegged. But it is very dangerous. If the opportunity ever arises I shall get my husband to video me attempting to sit on it crosslegged, and then falling off. I may use it for exercising in the unforeseeable future.
And here it is more in context: in my "study space". If you can, look past the mess to see the diningroom table and chairs!6. My basketful of lemons. I am still deciding what to make with these... lemon curd? lemon butter? lemon marmalade? Heaps of lemon icing? Some of each (there are 8 of them). Hmmmm. Any suggestions?

7. My sourdough starter! Oh, the adventures that await!

8. The new ink cartridge in the printer!!! Yay yay yay yay yay!!!! Now I can print out the recipes I want to try, instead of writing them out by hand! And I can also print out the thesis drafts so I can edit it more easily. Not so 'yay' but still very good.

9. Friends and family. Generic I know, but I have been going through something really tough over the past month, and I have been surrounded by people who love me. I really appreciate it!

10. Not living with a fussy person who can't cope with a bit (a fair bit) of mess. (I don't clean when I have essays due! Too busy playing solitare, checking Facebook or reading blogs!) Speaking of mess... does anyone want to clean my kitchen??? (Spot the yoghurt maker... Hint: it is pink! Like my fitball!! It is currently making nectarine flavoured yoghurt! Yummy!)


  1. Kath you have inspired me to make a list too. it is so easy to forget how blessed you are! Oh and get back to should be writing your Thesis!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Found you through Urban Hennery.

    What about Lemon Sorbet or Lemon Cordial?

    Kind Regards

  3. Yes Meika! I will get back to my thesis... soon...

    Hi Belinda - I thought of lemon cordial... the scary thing is, I still have the lemons. Cordial might be all they are fit for! I think I might have to check out your blog...Hmmm... I see you're an Aussie too...


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