Tuesday, October 7, 2008

50 Things I Want to Do

Here is just a little list of 50 things I want to do by the end of 2009. I have printed off a copy that I am going to stick to my wall, though I would like to get it laminated first. I hope this inspires you to think about specific things you would like to achieve over the next year!

1. Become proficient at making all our bread (sourdough)
2. Start having homemade pizza regularly (sourdough bases)
3. Make yoghurt regularly (every second night)
4. Make Quark (cheese from yoghurt)
5. Make soap
6. Make dandruff hair rinse for Julian (1:1 white vinegar and water, rinse before shampooing)
7. Go to the gym regularly (twice a week)
8. Get a job over summer
9. Grow my own mushrooms
10. Do the dishes every day for 30 consecutive days. Go out to dinner after completion of this goal!
11. Knit dishcloths (set of three would be nice—could do cool thematic thing)
12. Make some more kiwi fruit jam. Yum!
13. Knit a hot water bottle cover
14. Finish off all my embroidery projects
15. Get my ‘frame-worthy’ embroidery projects framed (Teddy bears picking apples longstitch, teddy bear fishing cross-stitch, house longstitch)
16. Finish quilting my lapquilt. Or pay my husband's sister to do it!
17. Grow my own herbs
18. Make fruit cordials (and another link)
19. Make chutney
20. Make red onion jam (great for pizzas, apparently!)
21. Make all my Christmas and birthday cards—have a stash of handmade cards on had for all card emergencies!
22. Acquire a preserving kit and jars
23. Make a nativity set (dough or fimo)
24. Get into a routine of cleaning my bathroom/toilet every week
25. Get my driver’s license
26. Learn how to make cheesecake. Become comfortable with making it!
27. Get into a routine of getting up at a regular time (6:30 or 7) to have my ‘Quiet Time’ with God
28. Get a pasta machine and start to make my own FRESH! pasta
29. De-worm my cat, and perhaps get him vaccinated too!
30. Make ice cream (or frozen yoghurt) that is light and fluffy
31. Switch from commercial cleaning products to homemade ones
32. Make my own crackers and dips
33. Grow sprouts
34. Start a cell group (kind of like a Bible study group but different!)
35. Stop biting my fingernails
36. Go to the dentist
37. When tomatoes are in season preserve a whole lot (sauces, chutneys etc.)
38. If I find a cool way of preserving cherries, do so when they are in season
39. Make my own apple sauce
40. Make my own vinegar
41. Make whipped butter for spreading on bread (for every cup of butter, add ½ cup water, and if you want also half a cup of olive oil… I think)
42. Infuse oils and vinegars—find some awesome tall skinny jars/bottle for this
43. Learn to weave baskets—or at least get a really good book on it
44. Paint the bookshelf. Perhaps paint both bookshelves to match?
45. Get a beautiful teapot, and start brewing my own tea
46. Make iced tea
47. Keep thinking of our dream house—start collating pictures and ideas we love
48. Stop shaving, start waxing. (Well, getting waxes.)
49. Cook one meal a week in the slowcooker
50. Make bagels


  1. I love your list of things to do in 2009 - hope you don't mind if I borrow it for my blog (will link it back to you!)

    I came across your blog thru Meika - good luck with purify, I'll be watching closely!

  2. Of course you may borrow my list! You can even use it if you want too :)

    I hope you find Purify interesting!

  3. It's already April. Does this mean that you are a quarter of the way through?

  4. I've done 9 of them... what's a quarter of 50? 12ish. Nearly on track. Though some of them aren't important to me anymore, so if I cut them out I would probably be half way through :-)


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