Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time Flies

(A Google image search for 'time flies' brings up some really cool clocks.)

Valentine's Day already? This year is going so quickly - it is a little scary, actually.

At the moment, my husband and I are living in a caravan in my parent's front yard. It isn't as bad as it sounds. We have been here a month already, and it is actually going really well. We take turns cooking (based on who is busy and who feels like cooking), and we all help out with things like the dishes and the laundry. 

I think it is sometimes a bit scary for Julian, living with his in-laws, as he keeps seeing them do all sorts of things that I do a lot. Mind you, he does things like this:

Hahahahaha! I love it!

Mind you, I don't think it compares with my 80's hair and make-up:

So yes... back to what I was talking about. 

This year is a bit weird. We have no house, we are not planning on looking for one, and we are fine with that. We think we will be in the caravan until approximately the start of May, by which time we will no doubt be very happy to leave as autumns are not particularly warm here in Tasmania.

Speaking of Tasmania, the other day I saw it referred to as a country of its own (it is, in reality a state of Australia) and it was spelt 'Tazmania'. It was pretty funny. And disturbing.

I am going to do some knitting and eat the chocolates my husband gave me. It seems he likes me 'cuddly'. At least I can rest in peace knowing millions of other women are also eating chocolate today - or are you strong enough to resist? ;)

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