Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weird Things #1: Yeah, No

I noticed something weird the other day: people juxtaposing "yeah" and "no" in the same comment. Then, I realised hear it (and say it) all the time.

Consider this sample conversation:

"Hey, I hear you have been on holiday! How was it?"
"Yeah, no, it was great. Nice and warm."
"Not like Tassie!" [laughter]

Or this conversation:

"How was dinner?"
"Yeah, no, it was fantastic! I think I put on a couple extra kilos."

The most common usage of this phrase:
"How are you?"
"Yeah, no, good. You?"
"Yeah, no, same."

Are Tasmanians perpetually unsure or something? Do we just need to contradict ourselves? Is it common in Tassie? Yeah, no, I think it is, because I hear it quite a bit.

The question is this: is the "yeah, no" ridiculousness confined to Tasmania, or has it spread?