Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a Pattern Person

A couple of posts ago (here to be precise) I went on and on about how I was starting a new freeform crochet project. Since then, things have happened... here is a summary (cos I love summaries!):
  • I do not like freeform crochet. 
  • I do not like wasting yarn (even the tiny scraps I'll probably never use) on freeform crochet
  • What is the use of freeform crochet. A mural???? What is the point of making a MURAL?
  • If I make it what will I do with it? My husband will not want a crochet mural in the house. So storage... but,
  • My house is tiny. I don't want to have to keep and store a weird freeform thing where I could keep other things. Like yarn.
  • I don't like making something when I can't visulise the end result. 
  • I am a pattern person.
  • I do not like freeform crochet.
In freeform crochet's defense, I did learn some new stitches: crochet moss stitch and a great way of making a ruffle. I suppose it has its benefit. Yes... BENEFIT. Only one...

Okay people who love freeform crochet... tell me I'm wrong and why...