Thursday, November 20, 2008

Orange and Lemon Marmalade

My SIL and I are making hampers for Christmas, as presents for our parents and one or two others. We will be making somewhere between 6 and 10 hampers. The list of things to go in the hampers is long and impressive - jam, chutneys, shortbread, florentines, choc covered with crushed candy cane, knitted/crocheted dishclothes, crocheted market bag (possibly), sets of magnets... you get the idea. We will also be making green shopping bags, which will also act as the hampers. Today, with the hampers in mind, I made marmalade. It took about six hours from start to finish, but I did leave it alone while I made tea. It is really cool!!! Here is the recipe that I used. I ended up using about a cup less of the sugar, as my water, juice and peel mixture reduced to about a third, instead of just to about a half. Also, before slicing the peel, I turned each skin inside out and peeled off the membranes leftover from juicing (some of which went into the "muslin" (gold coloured gauzy stuff) to flavour the mixture). This huge jar is for my MIL, who apparently loves mamalade. I think the long strips of peel look absolutely gorgeous! You can tell I took the photo right after putting the plastic covers on. I have since straightened the rubberbands, but still need to wipe the outsides of the jars.

According to the recipe this will keep for a year unopened. Once opened it will keep in the fridge for a month. I think I will probably be doing another batch of marmalade as this only made 3 jars that I am happy to give as presents. One jar doesn't have enough peel in (the one right at the front), and Julian and I will be eating this ourselves!This was so cheap to make - I really encourage you to try it if you are on a tight budget. These four jars used: 5 oranges (or was it 6 - can't remember anymore!), 2 lemons, water and 1.75 kg sugar (though I used less). Really economical - and one batch could well last you an entire year.


  1. Looks very pretty!
    How did you seal them?

  2. Thank you! I am so wrapped with how the peel is suspended :)

    I just sealed them by putting clear plastic covers over them. Very unprofessional, but I have found (in my limited experience) that jam seems to last very well with minimal fuss regarding sealing. And marmalade is, essentially, a jam. I got the covers from the supermarket, and they are the brand Fowlers Vacola (who make preserving kits).

  3. Love marmalade and yours looks wonderful.



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